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“When you are bouncing your grandbaby on your knee, you’ll be able to tell them that you fought with George S. Patton and you didn’t shovel shit at Fort Polk.” Well guess what. That grandbaby is now GenZ or GenX or a Millennial and wishes Granddad had told them what he did in the war only it’s too late to ask, and even Baby Boomers were only privy to a handful of stories if their father talked all about the war. I don’t know what made me start recording veterans’ stories 37 years ago but I did, and the result is hundreds of hours of stories that might otherwise have been lost. Many World War II veterans at least shared a story or two with their family and I want to hear those in the comment section, along with your questions about the war.

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I discuss the themes and lessons of WW2 based on my hundreds of hours of recorded interviews and conversations with World War II veterans.


In 1997 I went to a reunion of my father's tank battalion from World War 2. I was so moved by the stories the veterans shared among themselves, yet rarely told their families, that I returned with a tape recorder. The rest is history. Oral history.